Welcome to the 2010 Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition

The community of Arivaca, Arizona is proud to host its 5th-annual Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition - supporting the spirit of the state's 'independent' filmmakers. The Arivaca Independent Filmmaker's Exhibition seeks to show films that embody two major themes:

First: Films shown beginning at noon for the afternoon screenings, present a filmmaker’s perception of the world around them. Whether it’s about living in Arizona’s wild areas; the study of desert ecology, environmental challenges; , politics of the international border, sustainable (green) lifestyles, and observing cultures that preserve authentic ways of life.

Second: Evening (short) films showcase cutting-edge experimental films that demonstrate creative works of filmmakers working independently and under the radar. Filmmaker's free to develop unique works without cultural scrutiny or expectation; resulting in new 'forms' of artistic expression through the use of creative multi-media.

Located South of Tucson, Arivaca's rural location nestled near mountains that separate it from the Mexican border, make it the epicenter of trends shaping America. Immigration, drug smuggling, human rights, government surveillance & militarization, vanishing rural life, water rights, native peoples, wilderness & endangered species, make Arivaca the canary in-the-mineshaft of trends shaping America and the world.

At the same, people of Arivaca represent many different walks of life; and share a common bond of rugged-individualism and self-determination. Arivaca is rich with artists, natural builders, organic farmers, solar-power/alternative energy, multi-generational ranchers, mineral prospectors and constitutional rights activists; and people that simply want to live in a natural environment, free of government/political interference in their lives.

I hope you enjoy perusing this website and learning about the selected films. Looking forward to see you on March 6th 2010.

Sincerely, Bart Santello
Filmmaker & Arivaca Film Exhibition Organizer
Contact: info@psychotropicfilms.com


12:10 PM: Documentary - Bette & Dale's Organic Farm

Genre: Documentary
Directed & Edited by: Samantha Schutz
Produced by: Dale Haubrich & Bette Lucina
Music by: Ivan Lucina
Since, growing up on a family farm in Iowa, Dale Haubrich has accumulated 31-years of organic farming experience. And views farming as his essential experience in life. Bette Lucina, starting with as many as 15,000 seedlings in the spring, looks forward raising these crops as she would a family. Together, merging the productive soil of both (what was once) their indivdual properties in Sag Harbor and South Hampton, New York, they now have a combined total of 1-1/2 acres with over 80-varieties of fruits and vegetables per season.
In this documentary film about the love and spiritual benefits of organic farming, Dale and Bette take you on a captivating tour of their land, lifestyle and business which they categorize as small scale urban organic farming.  They have been selling produce to the local community and restaurants for close to 20-years.
"We have learned to grow a large amount of diverse crops on a small piece of land using no large equipment, and a minimal amount of fossil fuels. We work mostly by hand and sell most of our crops within two miles of our farm. Our primary goal is to care for and respect the land increasing its productivity by using sustainable farming practices. We also have a winter farm here in Tubac where we are currently selling our produce in the Anza Market." - Bette Lucina


12:40 PM: Nature Film - Toadally Awesome!


Genre: Nature Documentary
Director: Mary Scott
Run Time: 5-minutes
Release Date: 2010

"Toadally Awesome" is an action packed wildlife adventure featuring the famous Sonoran Desert Toad! See moths, beetles and antlions get snapped up with some amazing tongue work. See the toads lurk and hop and at times even fly through the air! See a famous toad wrangler working with the actors! See it all at the Arivaca Film Fest!..Director Mary Scott

Mary Scott is an multi-media artist living in Arivaca, Arizona.  Her films, soundscapes and photography reflect her immersion and mindfulness of the natural world.


12:50 PM: Animated Documentary - There Once Was A Sky Full of Stars

Genre: Animated Storytelling
Written by: Bob Crelin
Illustrated & Produced by: Amie Zinar
Narration: John McDonough
Audio Direction: Bob Crelin
Production: EIMA Productions
Release Date: 2008
Run Time: 5-min
Artist's Website: www.bobcrelin.com

Author Bob Crelin and artist, Amie Ziner combined their skills in 2002 to create the first children's book that lyrically introduces the issue of light pollution, and how it is affecting our starry night skies. Called, There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars, the book has since become a widely used, international resource, and it is helping spread awareness and education about the needless environmental impacts of over-zealous lighting at night. To expand the reach of the book's message, Amie produced and directed a 'Ken Burns-type' video presentation of the book using her original paintings from the book. She worked in partnership with Bob, who engineered and produced an audio voiceover with an original music sound bed to bring the book to life.

"This animated short by multi-media artist Bob Crelin is a beautifully crafted poetic work - that visualizes the wonders of dark skies through creative storytelling that both educates and captivates.
 Drawing his inspiration from amateur astronomy and educating through art; this story's theme creatively portrays the importance of dark skies to the human spirit and the natural habits of wildlife.
 There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars was selected for the Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition because our area has beautiful dark skies that we enjoy and would like to protect.  This animated story is a big step in getting the message out to be conscious of what we could loose and the simple steps we can take to have both the light we need AND maintain a dark sky."
Bart Santello - Arivaca Film Exhibition Organizer

Bob Crelin bio: 
 Bob Crelin is an artist, designer, inventor and book author. His design work with musical instruments and equipment can been seen in markets worldwide. 
Since 1994, Bob Crelin has been actively working with community and state lawmakers regarding outdoor lighting concerns. A published author on outdoor lighting reform, Bob has also written and enacted successful outdoor lighting regulation in the town of Branford, Connecticut (1997), where he now serves as lighting consultant. Co-founder of Lighting by Branford, LLC manufacturing, Bob invented the patented GlareBuster™, a unique, 'dark sky' floodlight for homeowners, which won a 2008 Lighting for Tomorrow award from the American Lighting Association. 

As an author, his books for children, include Faces of the Moon (2009) and There Once Was A Sky Full of Stars (Sky Publishing).  Both are being widely used for educational outreach by virtue of their original and engaging approach to storytelling.

His regular speaking appearances include school astronomy education programs, and is a longtime member of the International Dark Sky Association.
Amie Ziner Bio:     
Amie Ziner grew up in Dobbs Ferry, NY. She grew up immersed in the arts as the daughter of renowned artist Zeke Ziner and celebrated book author, Feenie Ziner. She lives in CT with her husband Bill Carpenter, and has a son Michael, and a daughter Jennifer. Amie is currently finishing up a new story, "Jennifer Ellen Watermelon", written and illustrated by Amie Ziner.

Artist's Website: www.bobcrelin.com
Read Bob Crelin's article on how he beat light pollution in his hometown: CLICK HERE


1:00 PM: Documentary - Talking with the Moon Princess

"I understand that there will be questions,
 but there will not always be answers..."

A multi-media documentary film that weaves video and animation,
Talking with the Moon Princess is a story of a young woman exploration into her own adoption, that takes her imagination back to the country of her birth: China - a place she barely remembers.  After meeting adoptive families in her own community, she attempts to recreate her history from a fragmented past.

Writer & Director: Priscilla Tseng Hefley
Production Company: Jade Elephant Productions
Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2004
Run time: 17-Minutes

Priscilla Tseng Hefley was adopted from Guangzhou, China in the early 1980s. Her family was able to complete the adoption process with only the help of some Chinese friends and an interpreter. Her passion for working as an advocate for Chinese adoptees coupled with her love for documentary filmmaking led to the development of her film, Talking with the Moon Princess. The film was awarded a generous grant from the University of Arizona's Jack and Vivian Hanson Film Institute and was the winner of the 2007 University of Arizona sponsored Lunafest film competition. Most recently, her film was accepted into the 2009 Open APPerture film festival. Currently, Priscilla is transitioning to television production and is working in Los Angeles.


1:20 PM: Film Short - Yada Yada

Yada Yada
a film by Bennie Klain

Genre: Experimental Narrative
Run Time: Approx 8-minutes

Synopsis: Stan 'The Man' Henry is the brash host of a local Austin, Texas radio call-in show.  On a particular September morning, he goes through his usual routine, calculating and filtering comments surrounding national identity and ownership.  He finally meets his match when he tries to tone down the meaning of the words spoken by one Native American caller.  In eight brief minutes, Yada Yada portrays one moment of historical reality and contrasts it with modern history in the making.

TricksterFilms makes modern-day fables that address and challenge cultural norms, tackling humanity with an irreverent twist. This Navajo-owned, Austin, Texas-based partnership spins incisive narratives that take audiences to refreshingly foreign, yet evocatively familiar, places and people.

Bio - Bennie Klain
Navajo filmmaker Bennie Klain is the founding partner and Chief Creative Officer with TricksterFilms,LLC based in Austin, Texas. A fluent Navajo speaker, Klain often incorporates the language into his work. In 2007 Bennie was selected to participate in Tribeca All Access for his work-in-progress documentary tentatively titled LOST TRIBES, and in 2004 he was a Sundance Institute/Ford Foundation Film Fellow for his feature script RELOCATION. Klain's feature documentary, WEAVING WORLDS premiered at the 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival and was screened on American Public Television in Fall 2008. His short fiction film, SHARE THE WEALTH, had its world premiere at the 2006 Native American Film + Video Festival and aired on the acclaimed PBS series THE TERRITORY in 2009. Prior to that Bennie's other short fiction YADA YADA premiered at Sundance 2002 and premiered on the PBS series, COLORVISION in 2004.

Klain was also co-producer and translator for THE RETURN OF NAVAJO BOY directed by Jeff Spitz, which premiered at Sundance 2000 and aired on INDEPENDENT LENS in 2001. Recently the film screened on Capital Hill in Washington, D.C. with a revised epilogue that was designed to spur public discussion about the environmental impacts of uranium mining on the Navajo Nation.


1:45 PM: Documentary - Weaving Worlds (Navajo)

"Weaving Worlds is an absorbing cultural experience.
The take-away from this film is an appreciation of craft and commitment to a hands-on way of life. 
A life immersed in the natural world." 
 Bart Santello - Arivaca Film Exhibition

Written & Directed by: Bennie Klain
Produced by: Leighton C. Peterson
Director of Photography: Nancy Schiesari
Editor: Jayson Oaks
Music: Aaron White
Production Company: Trickster Films
Genre: Cultural Documentary
Film Location: Northern Arizona
Run Time: 57 minutes

Images from Weaving Worlds c Trickster Films
Revealing the untold stories of the creation and sales of Navajo rugs, Weaving Worlds presents a compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through the art of weaving.  This film conveys a poignant digital account of Navajo artisans and their unique and often controversial relationship with non-indian reservation traders.  Weaving Worlds brings viewers into the world of the artisans as they struggle to maintain pride and sultural vitality in the face of increased globalization.


2:50 PM: A Short Film With No Plot

Creatista Presents

Directed by: Scott Griessel
Photographed by: Kevin Anderson
Produced by: Anna Griessel
Music by: Kevin MacLeod
Runtime: 3-Minutes
Production Company: Creatista

2:55 PM: Music Video - Grapes of Wrath

Genre: Music Video
Director: Scott Griessel
Production Company: Creatisa
Location: Tucson
Run Time: 4:30-minutes

A music video for the song "Grapes of Wrath" by singer/songwriter Namoli Brennet; tells a somber story of longing and leaving and is loosely based on the novel of the same name. 

The production was shot with a Canon 5D digital SLR camera.


3:10 PM: Short Film - The Mating Game

Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group

Director : Jay Lee
Producer: Tammy McDaniel
Editor: Jay Lee
Writer: Joe Holt
Director of Photography: Mike Butler
Composer: Scott Haskin

Singles meet to find their match in a 'speed-dating' type of event.  But the varied personalities leave a few wondering if they'll find love.


3:15 PM: Short Film - 6 Minutes

Genre: Promotional Film
Director: Nicholas Durate
Released: 2009
Run Time: Approx. 3-minutes

This short promotional film features Henry Cejudo (pictured), the youngest American to ever win a gold medal for wrestling.  The version to be presented at the Arivaca Film Exhibition has won the Addy award for Web advertising and Cinematography.  A separate 30-second broadcast spot for Adidas, derived from this work, is currently airing in the mid-west region.

Nickolas Duarte was recently interviewed by Eric Shlapack of the Tucson Examiner. Read Nickolas talk about filmmaking, goals and other things here: Read article


3:40 PM: Feature Film - The Wall Documentary

Genre: Documentary
Drector: Ricardo Martinez
Producers: Sam Carroll and Ric Martinez
Run Time: 76-Minutes
Release Date: 2009

In 2006, Congress passed The Secure Fence Act calling for construction of 700 miles of fence along the US/Mexico border. The were not prepared for what followed. The Wall, documents the impact of constructing a border fence along the Southwest. From policy makers to citizens of border towns the debate elevates as residents respond to having a fence built in their backyard.
Director's Bio
Ricardo Martinez was born to Ecuadorian and Mexican immigrants and grew up in Oakland, California. At l6, he won a Silver Spire from the San Francisco International Film Festival for his first documentary short. Graduating from NYU/ Tisch Film School, Ricardo's first job was to launch a cable channel, for RCN Corp, working with billionaire David McCourt.
Over the last seven years, he has worked on reality and documentary programming for ABC, MTV, VH1, MSNBC, Discovery, History Channel, The Weather Channel, Scripps, and Details.com.

The past two years, Ricardo has traveled the Southwest documenting perspectives on immigration. He has interviewed federal and local law enforcement officials, illegal immigrants, immigration lawyers, organized labor officials, the Social Security Administration, border land owners, mayors, congressmen, clergymen, Mexican municipalities, coyotes, and anti-immigrant activists. Today he works as a staff editor and motion graphics designer for an undisclosed ABC reality TV show.


6:35 PM: Shor Film - To A Lesser Degree

Genre: Film Challenge
RunTime: 5 min
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Production: Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group & SyntheticHuman Pictures

Joe has it all: The beautiful girl, the luxury apartment, the fancy sports car. When the bills don't get paid and Joe's lifestyle is put on the chopping block, his superintendent offers a solution that allows him to keep his lifestyle, just to a lesser degree.


6:45 PM: Short Film - The Handlers

Genre: Comedy
Director: Tamara Mc Daniel 
Director of Photography: Lee Ann Cone
Production: Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group
Writers: Mike Butler, Brian Kille, Rebecca Roos, Mark Stawecki, Michelle Wilcox, Nayda Britton
Editors: Tim Richards and Lee Ann Cone
Music: Scott Haskin
Boss (Joe Holt), gets more aggravation out of his two goof-ball 'handlers' Vinnie (Mike Butler) and Tyrone (Robert Friedlander) then he can tolerate. When he sends Vinnie and Tyrone off to do his dirty-work, the Boss gets an unexpected surprise from them when they return.

Boss....Joe Holt
Vinnie....Mike Butler
Tyrone....Robert Friedlander
Charlene....Kim Wolcott
Chauffer....Brian Kille
Mrs. Boss....Sasa Clancy
Waiter....Mark Stawecki
Runtime: 7-Min
Release Date: 2007


6:50 PM: Short Film - Capitan

cinekoncept presents
Writer & Director: Diego Diaz
Producers: Luis Ivan Garcia & Hans Van Brill
Executive Producers: Rob Boyd, Mike Fanfarillo,
John Rambo and Jay Bush
Cinematographer: Steven Yatsko
Sound Designer: Nash Cubero
Score: James Bennett
Production Designer: Tammie Childress

Genre: Experimental Narrative
Run Time: Approx 7-Min
Website for Luis Ivan Garcia

Junior, an eight year old boy, who was raised by his grandmother. When she passed away, Junior didn’t understand how to deal with her loss. Trying to cope, Junior talks to his grandmother, as if she is present. Junior’s mother, Marabela, has a hard time dealing with her mothers passing but is more concerned about how her son feels. Junior uses his imagination to cope and realizes the only way for him to move on, is to set his grandmother free. On a walk back home from school, Junior stumbles upon a couch on the street. His imagination runs wild; he knows he has found the perfect ship to set his grandmother free. He makes sure everything about this couch is perfect and when he does, runs back home and tells his grandmother. Upon returning to the ship, Junior encounters a man threatening to steal it. Driven by will, he launches into a full sword fight, for control of his ship. It is up to him to make sure he doesn’t lose the ship or let his grandmother and himself down.


7:00 PM: Short Film - Fade In

"Fade In is an urban snapshot of the dreams, and hard realities, of a blue-collar father struggling the 9-5."

Genre: Experimental
Director: Nickolas Duarte
Cast J.A. Bratten
screenwriter J.A. Bratten
Production Company: Chrown Chimp Productions
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Released: 2009
Run Time: 3-min
"I started making movies a few years back with a goofy-looking filmmaker named Matthew King. We did a bunch of projects (short films, feature films and music videos) that earned us some accolades and support. I thought they were rubbish, but people really responded to them. So I said “What the heck?” and went professional." ....director Nickolas Duarte

"I have a passion for film and film production, and a big fan of sitcom comedies. My film hobbies includes screenwriting and film research." -- Adam Ray Production Designer & Associate Producer at Crown Chimp.

"Five years ago, back when we started filmmaking, the editing software somehow fell into my lap instead of Nick’s, and I got stuck with all the cutting and splicing. Fortunately, I fell in love with the process.  Also, my second love in Crown Chimp is Cinematography. Nick being the originator of most of projects translates to me, what he wants to see through his viewfinder and I do my best to match it." -- Matthew King  

  "Crown Chimp has become something very unique to the advertising and production world and I am stoked to be a part of it." - Brittany Draves : Director of Operations & Marketing Assistant at Crown Chimp.


7:05 PM: Short Film - Share The Wealth

"My goal is to bring new voices and
hidden histories, to broader audiences..."
- Bennie Klain, Director - Share the Wealth
Director: Bennie Klain
Production Company: TricksterFilms LCC
Genre: Experimental
Year Produced: 2006
Media: 35mm Film
Run Time: 8:00  min
An ironic parable, that follows a multi-faceted relationship
a Native woman has with her urban environment.

Shot in the style of a political cartoon, SHARE THE WEALTH, a 35mm narrative short film, situates a homeless middle-aged Native American woman on a busy city street. Thanks to a new “homeless tax” incurred by the government, she must raise the dollar she now owes. She finally catches a break when someone hands her a dollar. Joining a long line of other panhandlers, she waits her turn to pay her dues.   
Navajo filmmaker Bennie Klain is the founding partner and Chief Creative Officer with TricksterFilms,LLC based in Austin, Texas. A fluent Navajo speaker, Klain often incorporates the language into his work. In 2007 Bennie was selected to participate in Tribeca All Access for his work-in-progress documentary tentatively titled LOST TRIBES, and in 2004 he was a Sundance Institute/Ford Foundation Film Fellow for his feature script RELOCATION. Klain's feature documentary, WEAVING WORLDS premiered at the 2007 South by Southwest Film Festival and was screened on American Public Television in Fall 2008. His short fiction film, SHARE THE WEALTH, had its world premiere at the 2006 Native American Film + Video Festival and aired on the acclaimed PBS series THE TERRITORY in 2009. Prior to that Bennie's other short fiction YADA YADA premiered at Sundance 2002 and premiered on the PBS series, COLORVISION in 2004.

photos & text c2002-2009 TricksterFilms LLC


7:20 PM: Short Film - One Nine

"Love is about being able to let go of the one
person you wish was right for you but isn't"

Starring: Molly Scarpine  Jayme Davis  Louis Oberlande  Chris Watson

Written & Directed by: Roxy Campos
Produced by: Luis Ivan Garcia and Gisele Fortuna
Director of Photography: Noney Riddle
Edited by: Ricky Benedict
Production Designer: Tammie Childress
Music by: Stephine Landazuri and Marck Davinci
Sound Design & Production: Trevor Gates and Joe Gosnell
Genre: Human Interest
Run Time: Approx 7-Minutes

Luis Ivan Garcia was born in a small border town in Mexico named Santa Cruz. He was resided there for almost twelve years. It was there he became inspired by the human condition and began expressing his creativity through various visual mediums. . While at the University of Arizona, he worked as an Executive Assistant for a regional magazine. In a short period of time Luis Ivan Garcia became one of the Executive Directors of the magazine. He published a series of articles pertaining to high-profile Latin and American artists which aided the crossover for both communities.

Soon thereafter, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion as film director and producer. He took advantage of the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Austria. As a result of this opportunity, he quickly gained knowledge in an education in multiculturalism. After completing his requirements at SMC, he transferred to the Art Institute of Los Angeles, California where he pursued his bachelors in Motion Picture Directing.

Throughout his experience, Luis Ivan has continued to implement his vision, passion and originality, by creating films he believes in.  Luis's film "Tortilla" was shown at last year's Arivaca Film Exhibition.