1:00 PM: Documentary - Talking with the Moon Princess

"I understand that there will be questions,
 but there will not always be answers..."

A multi-media documentary film that weaves video and animation,
Talking with the Moon Princess is a story of a young woman exploration into her own adoption, that takes her imagination back to the country of her birth: China - a place she barely remembers.  After meeting adoptive families in her own community, she attempts to recreate her history from a fragmented past.

Writer & Director: Priscilla Tseng Hefley
Production Company: Jade Elephant Productions
Genre: Documentary
Release Date: 2004
Run time: 17-Minutes

Priscilla Tseng Hefley was adopted from Guangzhou, China in the early 1980s. Her family was able to complete the adoption process with only the help of some Chinese friends and an interpreter. Her passion for working as an advocate for Chinese adoptees coupled with her love for documentary filmmaking led to the development of her film, Talking with the Moon Princess. The film was awarded a generous grant from the University of Arizona's Jack and Vivian Hanson Film Institute and was the winner of the 2007 University of Arizona sponsored Lunafest film competition. Most recently, her film was accepted into the 2009 Open APPerture film festival. Currently, Priscilla is transitioning to television production and is working in Los Angeles.

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