3:40 PM: Feature Film - The Wall Documentary

Genre: Documentary
Drector: Ricardo Martinez
Producers: Sam Carroll and Ric Martinez
Run Time: 76-Minutes
Release Date: 2009

In 2006, Congress passed The Secure Fence Act calling for construction of 700 miles of fence along the US/Mexico border. The were not prepared for what followed. The Wall, documents the impact of constructing a border fence along the Southwest. From policy makers to citizens of border towns the debate elevates as residents respond to having a fence built in their backyard.
Director's Bio
Ricardo Martinez was born to Ecuadorian and Mexican immigrants and grew up in Oakland, California. At l6, he won a Silver Spire from the San Francisco International Film Festival for his first documentary short. Graduating from NYU/ Tisch Film School, Ricardo's first job was to launch a cable channel, for RCN Corp, working with billionaire David McCourt.
Over the last seven years, he has worked on reality and documentary programming for ABC, MTV, VH1, MSNBC, Discovery, History Channel, The Weather Channel, Scripps, and Details.com.

The past two years, Ricardo has traveled the Southwest documenting perspectives on immigration. He has interviewed federal and local law enforcement officials, illegal immigrants, immigration lawyers, organized labor officials, the Social Security Administration, border land owners, mayors, congressmen, clergymen, Mexican municipalities, coyotes, and anti-immigrant activists. Today he works as a staff editor and motion graphics designer for an undisclosed ABC reality TV show.

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