12:50 PM: Animated Documentary - There Once Was A Sky Full of Stars

Genre: Animated Storytelling
Written by: Bob Crelin
Illustrated & Produced by: Amie Zinar
Narration: John McDonough
Audio Direction: Bob Crelin
Production: EIMA Productions
Release Date: 2008
Run Time: 5-min
Artist's Website: www.bobcrelin.com

Author Bob Crelin and artist, Amie Ziner combined their skills in 2002 to create the first children's book that lyrically introduces the issue of light pollution, and how it is affecting our starry night skies. Called, There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars, the book has since become a widely used, international resource, and it is helping spread awareness and education about the needless environmental impacts of over-zealous lighting at night. To expand the reach of the book's message, Amie produced and directed a 'Ken Burns-type' video presentation of the book using her original paintings from the book. She worked in partnership with Bob, who engineered and produced an audio voiceover with an original music sound bed to bring the book to life.

"This animated short by multi-media artist Bob Crelin is a beautifully crafted poetic work - that visualizes the wonders of dark skies through creative storytelling that both educates and captivates.
 Drawing his inspiration from amateur astronomy and educating through art; this story's theme creatively portrays the importance of dark skies to the human spirit and the natural habits of wildlife.
 There Once Was a Sky Full of Stars was selected for the Arivaca Independent Filmmakers Exhibition because our area has beautiful dark skies that we enjoy and would like to protect.  This animated story is a big step in getting the message out to be conscious of what we could loose and the simple steps we can take to have both the light we need AND maintain a dark sky."
Bart Santello - Arivaca Film Exhibition Organizer

Bob Crelin bio: 
 Bob Crelin is an artist, designer, inventor and book author. His design work with musical instruments and equipment can been seen in markets worldwide. 
Since 1994, Bob Crelin has been actively working with community and state lawmakers regarding outdoor lighting concerns. A published author on outdoor lighting reform, Bob has also written and enacted successful outdoor lighting regulation in the town of Branford, Connecticut (1997), where he now serves as lighting consultant. Co-founder of Lighting by Branford, LLC manufacturing, Bob invented the patented GlareBuster™, a unique, 'dark sky' floodlight for homeowners, which won a 2008 Lighting for Tomorrow award from the American Lighting Association. 

As an author, his books for children, include Faces of the Moon (2009) and There Once Was A Sky Full of Stars (Sky Publishing).  Both are being widely used for educational outreach by virtue of their original and engaging approach to storytelling.

His regular speaking appearances include school astronomy education programs, and is a longtime member of the International Dark Sky Association.
Amie Ziner Bio:     
Amie Ziner grew up in Dobbs Ferry, NY. She grew up immersed in the arts as the daughter of renowned artist Zeke Ziner and celebrated book author, Feenie Ziner. She lives in CT with her husband Bill Carpenter, and has a son Michael, and a daughter Jennifer. Amie is currently finishing up a new story, "Jennifer Ellen Watermelon", written and illustrated by Amie Ziner.

Artist's Website: www.bobcrelin.com
Read Bob Crelin's article on how he beat light pollution in his hometown: CLICK HERE


  1. Anonymous9.9.10

    "This animated short by multi-media artist Bob Crelin"

    Actually, Bob did not produce the short, the illustrator of the book, Amie Ziner (that's me ;D) produced it.
    Bob was responsible for the audio, and is the writer of both the original book and the script.

  2. Amie Ziner9.9.10

    To Bart Santello,
    >>This animated short by multi-media artist Bob Crelin is a beautifully crafted poetic work<<


    Amie Ziner produced the short (that's me :D)- I am responsible for the illustrations and creating the animated short movie.
    Bob did the original writing, and created the audio track for the short.