1:45 PM: Documentary - Weaving Worlds (Navajo)

"Weaving Worlds is an absorbing cultural experience.
The take-away from this film is an appreciation of craft and commitment to a hands-on way of life. 
A life immersed in the natural world." 
 Bart Santello - Arivaca Film Exhibition

Written & Directed by: Bennie Klain
Produced by: Leighton C. Peterson
Director of Photography: Nancy Schiesari
Editor: Jayson Oaks
Music: Aaron White
Production Company: Trickster Films
Genre: Cultural Documentary
Film Location: Northern Arizona
Run Time: 57 minutes

Images from Weaving Worlds c Trickster Films
Revealing the untold stories of the creation and sales of Navajo rugs, Weaving Worlds presents a compelling and intimate portrait of economic and cultural survival through the art of weaving.  This film conveys a poignant digital account of Navajo artisans and their unique and often controversial relationship with non-indian reservation traders.  Weaving Worlds brings viewers into the world of the artisans as they struggle to maintain pride and sultural vitality in the face of increased globalization.

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