7:00 PM: Short Film - Fade In

"Fade In is an urban snapshot of the dreams, and hard realities, of a blue-collar father struggling the 9-5."

Genre: Experimental
Director: Nickolas Duarte
Cast J.A. Bratten
screenwriter J.A. Bratten
Production Company: Chrown Chimp Productions
Location: Tucson, Arizona
Released: 2009
Run Time: 3-min
"I started making movies a few years back with a goofy-looking filmmaker named Matthew King. We did a bunch of projects (short films, feature films and music videos) that earned us some accolades and support. I thought they were rubbish, but people really responded to them. So I said “What the heck?” and went professional." ....director Nickolas Duarte

"I have a passion for film and film production, and a big fan of sitcom comedies. My film hobbies includes screenwriting and film research." -- Adam Ray Production Designer & Associate Producer at Crown Chimp.

"Five years ago, back when we started filmmaking, the editing software somehow fell into my lap instead of Nick’s, and I got stuck with all the cutting and splicing. Fortunately, I fell in love with the process.  Also, my second love in Crown Chimp is Cinematography. Nick being the originator of most of projects translates to me, what he wants to see through his viewfinder and I do my best to match it." -- Matthew King  

  "Crown Chimp has become something very unique to the advertising and production world and I am stoked to be a part of it." - Brittany Draves : Director of Operations & Marketing Assistant at Crown Chimp.

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