8:00 PM: Short Film - Man Trap

"An Instant Underground Classic" - A Produce

Genre: Avant-Garde
Director: Bart Santello
Music by: A PRODUCE
Production Company: Psychotropic Films
Location: Arivaca, Arizona
Run Time: 12-Minutes
Release Date: 2004 & 2009

Man Trap channels the art of 'motion picture' into a film about our industrial age and the machines we've created to build even greater machines.

In a film that took one day to shoot and 5-years to complete, Digital filmmaker Bart Santello presents a dark dream about the reality of technology, its detachment from the natural environment and the marginalization of humans that tend to complex machines. 

Renowned electronic-ambient musician A PRODUCE shrouds this film in a haunting sound environment, which has the effect of trapping the viewer deep inside the 'machine'.

"My films are based on ideas actualized when mindful of life occurring in the present moment. The style and manner of my films provides sufficient contemplative space for the viewer to  psycho-actively engage with the film and form an emotional perspective of the work.  This film was created in the same way our subconsious mind forms dreams - Though inspired, yet fragmented events of our day, that when properly assembled not only tell a story, but inspire emotions and open new perspectives on reality." 
                                    - Man Trap Director Bart Santello 

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