8:55 PM: Short Film - Player

Phoenix Independent Filmmakers Group

A 'Player' (Jay Brigham) gets his comeuppance when ex-lovers plot revenge and crash a date he's having with his latest squeeze.

 Genre: Situational Comedy
Directed by: Robert Scot
Produced by: Tamara McDaniel
Director of Photography: James Arnett
Edited by: Austin Michaels
Music Composed by: Scott Haskin
Sound Direction: Jamie Fultz
Gafer: Levi Davis
Assistant Producer: David Glassman
Written by: Yvonne Wagner, Terry Nolan, Brett Ashley

Brett Ashkey - Jay Brigham - Sally Ann Francis - Chloe Haptonstall - Donna Kafer - Tamara McDaniel - Will Leon - Terry Nolan - Judith Tobi - Michael Jones

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