7:30 PM: Pretending

An intimate portrait of a middle-aged woman
who realizes that her dream passed her by.

Genre: Drama
Director: Nickolas Duarte (Tucson)
Production Company: Crown Chimp Productions
Production: Adam Norzagaray, Matthew King
Starring: Elizabeth DeVries
Cast: Cuffs, Teresa Shade & Dana Dirado
Score: Tom Bailey
Run Time: 9-Min

Filmmaker - Nickolas Duarte
"...Duarte, as well as constant Crown Chimp collaborators Adam Norzagaray and Matthew King, did a masterful job of creating and visually exploring a variety of locations, mixing in a great original score by Tom Bailey, with the always exceptional cinematography of Duarte, as it all worked together extremely well to bring forth a complex conceptual idea that could only be fully conveyed in a medium like film. The color palette was vibrant yet subtle, causing the viewers’ eyes to be unable to stray as the anticipation of what beautiful image would appear next was too compelling to miss. The film’s pacing was right where it needed to be thanks to a deft editing touch by Duarte, Norzagaray, and King. Pretending showed a definite growth cinematically for Crown Chimp, moving into a much more artistic direction........." by Eric Shlapack (Read full article: Clicke here at examiner.com)

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