6:45 PM: Short Film - The Handlers

Genre: Comedy
Director: Tamara Mc Daniel 
Director of Photography: Lee Ann Cone
Production: Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group
Writers: Mike Butler, Brian Kille, Rebecca Roos, Mark Stawecki, Michelle Wilcox, Nayda Britton
Editors: Tim Richards and Lee Ann Cone
Music: Scott Haskin
Boss (Joe Holt), gets more aggravation out of his two goof-ball 'handlers' Vinnie (Mike Butler) and Tyrone (Robert Friedlander) then he can tolerate. When he sends Vinnie and Tyrone off to do his dirty-work, the Boss gets an unexpected surprise from them when they return.

Boss....Joe Holt
Vinnie....Mike Butler
Tyrone....Robert Friedlander
Charlene....Kim Wolcott
Chauffer....Brian Kille
Mrs. Boss....Sasa Clancy
Waiter....Mark Stawecki
Runtime: 7-Min
Release Date: 2007

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