7:20 PM: Short Film - One Nine

"Love is about being able to let go of the one
person you wish was right for you but isn't"

Starring: Molly Scarpine  Jayme Davis  Louis Oberlande  Chris Watson

Written & Directed by: Roxy Campos
Produced by: Luis Ivan Garcia and Gisele Fortuna
Director of Photography: Noney Riddle
Edited by: Ricky Benedict
Production Designer: Tammie Childress
Music by: Stephine Landazuri and Marck Davinci
Sound Design & Production: Trevor Gates and Joe Gosnell
Genre: Human Interest
Run Time: Approx 7-Minutes

Luis Ivan Garcia was born in a small border town in Mexico named Santa Cruz. He was resided there for almost twelve years. It was there he became inspired by the human condition and began expressing his creativity through various visual mediums. . While at the University of Arizona, he worked as an Executive Assistant for a regional magazine. In a short period of time Luis Ivan Garcia became one of the Executive Directors of the magazine. He published a series of articles pertaining to high-profile Latin and American artists which aided the crossover for both communities.

Soon thereafter, he moved to Los Angeles to pursue his passion as film director and producer. He took advantage of the opportunity to study abroad at the University of Austria. As a result of this opportunity, he quickly gained knowledge in an education in multiculturalism. After completing his requirements at SMC, he transferred to the Art Institute of Los Angeles, California where he pursued his bachelors in Motion Picture Directing.

Throughout his experience, Luis Ivan has continued to implement his vision, passion and originality, by creating films he believes in.  Luis's film "Tortilla" was shown at last year's Arivaca Film Exhibition.

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