6:50 PM: Short Film - Capitan

cinekoncept presents
Writer & Director: Diego Diaz
Producers: Luis Ivan Garcia & Hans Van Brill
Executive Producers: Rob Boyd, Mike Fanfarillo,
John Rambo and Jay Bush
Cinematographer: Steven Yatsko
Sound Designer: Nash Cubero
Score: James Bennett
Production Designer: Tammie Childress

Genre: Experimental Narrative
Run Time: Approx 7-Min
Website for Luis Ivan Garcia

Junior, an eight year old boy, who was raised by his grandmother. When she passed away, Junior didn’t understand how to deal with her loss. Trying to cope, Junior talks to his grandmother, as if she is present. Junior’s mother, Marabela, has a hard time dealing with her mothers passing but is more concerned about how her son feels. Junior uses his imagination to cope and realizes the only way for him to move on, is to set his grandmother free. On a walk back home from school, Junior stumbles upon a couch on the street. His imagination runs wild; he knows he has found the perfect ship to set his grandmother free. He makes sure everything about this couch is perfect and when he does, runs back home and tells his grandmother. Upon returning to the ship, Junior encounters a man threatening to steal it. Driven by will, he launches into a full sword fight, for control of his ship. It is up to him to make sure he doesn’t lose the ship or let his grandmother and himself down.

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