7:42 PM: Short Film - Pattern Response

"This is America - Am an American!"...from the film Pattern Response

Production Company: Synthetic Human Pictures
Director: Stephen Krystek
Screenplay: Stephen Krystek & Charlie Steak
Editor: Hayden Blades
Cinematographer: David Matteson
Production Manager: Casey Moore
Assistant Director: Mandie Smith
Genre: Thriller-Drama
Run Time: 9-Min
Release Date: 2009

Film Synopsis: Joseph pays his bills, does his taxes, and loves his wife.  But when the grounding of his stable reality begins to fall apart, everything becomes suspect.
Synthetic Human Pictures presents a terrifying look at a coming world in which the notion of identity begins to lose its definition.
> Official web page and trailer: http://www.patternresponse.com/
> For more information on the filmmakers: http://www.synthetichuman.com/

Arivaca Filmmaker Bart Santello reflecting on Pattern Response:  "The film's theme of 'survellience' and an over-reaching 'control structure' should resonate with the people of Arivaca and other border towns that find ourselves under siege.  A borderland that itself is under survellience from those who seek to control everything."

Synthetic Human Pictures emerged into the film industry in 2006 with the short horror/comedy Not Quite Dead. Synthetic Human Pictures strives to deliver highly creative, award-winning content that challenge the audience on both an emotive and intellectual level, pushing boundaries and opening up the human thought process.


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